Submission Guidelines


Paperbark is rooted in themes of stewardship, innovation, and possibility, and we want our content to be motivated by a desire to trace the connections between science, culture and sustainability. We strive to illuminate the impacts of human society while nurturing our intrinsic capacity to catalyze positive change and represent the voices of all who are involved in and impacted by the currents we seek to explore and elucidate.

A core principle of our mission is justice, embodied in the movements of the social, environmental, political, economic, and climate spheres, and their points of intersection. We support the creative expression and communication of such experiences, and especially encourage submissions from underrepresented communities or voices.


Issue 02: Resilience

Submissions Deadline: Rolling

Please note: We accept submissions through Submittable on a monthly basis. If you encounter a message saying that we are no longer accepting submissions at this time, please try again next month.

Genre Guidelines

Paperbark’s content is not arranged by genre, but instead thematically (with example categories such as “reflections” or “radical notions”). We acknowledge it can be limiting to feel confined to a genre, and ask that you use your best judgment when selecting a category. All submissions are read by the same group of readers, so don’t fret too much--we will see it regardless of the category you choose, but it makes our lives easier to have similar submissions grouped. Please submit to only one category per submission period.


Submit up to 6 poems, not exceeding 10 pages. Give us your elegies, your experiments, anything lineated (or not).


Fiction, creative nonfiction, journalism, and science communication can be submitted under this category. We accept submission up to 3000 words. Please only submit sections of a longer work if it stands alone as a piece.


Visual art and design, as well as any multimedia works can be submitted in this category. Submit up to 6 pieces as filetypes Submittable allows. If selected, we may ask for a higher resolution version to be printed.

Print and Web

Pieces can be submitted for publication consideration in the print magazine, the website, or both. Pieces selected for web publication will be published on a seasonal basis, with four major web content releases scheduled per year.

Please note that due to the volume of submissions, we cannot respond to everyone who submits, but we are grateful for your time and interest in our magazine! You can expect to hear from us 1-2 months after you submit.


Email with any questions regarding the above. Do not send unsolicited work here--we only read submissions through Submittable.