Paperbark Alumni


LAUREN DE LA PARRA | Alumna, ms sustainability science

Former Editor-In-Chief

As Editor-in-Chief, Lauren had the distinct honor of leading an incredibly talented  and dedicated team that she almost never has to put her motivational speaking skills to use.

Lauren earned a Master of Science in Sustainability Science with a concentration is Urban Sustainability, and is passionate about climate change planning and communication. She believes that creativity engages people at the level of the soul, which is where profound change is possible, and hopes you will allow Paperbark to change you as much as it has her.


Max Dilthy | Doctoral Student in Regional Planning

Former Managing Editor

Max Dilthey is an instructor, freelance journalist, and green energy professional. He’s pursuing a Ph.D. in Regional Planning, and his research interest is in Climate Change Adaptation for Coastal Cities. Max is working on streamlining the uptake of more complex, hybrid infrastructure in coastal areas that takes advantage of structural, non-structural, natural, and nature-based characteristics. 

When he's not working on his dissertation, Max works as a science journalist for websites like VentureBeat, Solar Power Authority,, and many others. He writes primarily about sustainability, renewable energy, science, and technology.

Max teaches several classes at UMass, including Sustainable Living, Writing in Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning, and History of the 1960’s. He loves teaching, and hopes to continue teaching after finishing his Ph.D. Max lives in Amherst with his fiancé, Kelley, and their cat. If you see him biking around, wave!



Former Creative Director

As Creative Director, Hannah oversaw the continuation of Paperbark’s artistic vision, as well as the submissions process, from reading to print. She is a student in the Master of Fine Arts poetry program and teaches introductory writing. Her work is often connected to the environment, and she is excited to see and read others’ work!


Michael Powers | Alumnus, MS Sustainability Science

Former Visual Media Coordinator

A native of Hanson, Massachusetts, Michael received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, specializing in large format photography of landscapes and domestic life. After a long-term volunteer project through Europe, which involved the revitalization of farms, he developed a passion for learning urban and rural sustainable practices. By combining design and sustainability elements, he is interested in developing solutions to critical climate change obstacles. His interests in urban development, green economies, and sustainable design has led him to the Master of Science in Sustainability Science program (MS3) at UMass to prepare for a future that reduces our carbon footprint.


Kelley Bryant | Alumna, MEd Higher Education Administration

Former Marketing Director

Kelley was raised in West Springfield, Massachusetts and loves her New England roots. She received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in North Adams, and continues her education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She is currently seeking a Master of Education in Higher Education Administration. Kelley tries to advocate for sustainability by modeling behavior that encourages waste reduction, and by creating conversation about the connection between sustainability and her field of study. By meeting like-minded individuals and working with the Master of Science in Sustainability Science program (Ms3), Kelley found and happily joined Paperbark in the fall of 2017.


Shannon Largey | Alumna, MS Sustainability Science

Former Outreach Coordinator

Shannon Largey is a Sustainability Science Master’s student concentrating in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems. She received her Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and a Certificate in Sustainable Food and Farming from Stockbridge. From this interdisciplinary education, Shannon is fascinated by the way business acts as a catalyst for change especially in regards to organic, regenerative agriculture and Fair Trade. Shannon is truly inspired to take care of the soils and the souls which produce our food.


Alexandra WERBICKI | Alumna

Former Special Projects Coordinator

Alexandra is a native of the Pioneer Valley who has developed an appreciation for the environment through exploring the local landscape. An alumna of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, she graduated with a Bachelor's in English Literature and a certificate in Professional Writing and Technical Communication. Alexandra also devoted time to study other passions of hers such as German culture and film studies. In her spare time, Alexandra enjoys traveling, seeing films, and curling up with a good book.


Lindsay Kenney-Gallant | Alumna, MS Sustainability Science

Former Paperbark Staff Member

Born and raised in the Pioneer Valley, Lindsay Gallant is an alumna of the University of Massachusetts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architecture & Design and a Master of Science in Sustainability Science.  As a staff member during its early stages, she assisted in Paperbark’s germination and is honored to witness the dedication and creativity of those who now carry it forward.

During much of her spare time, Lindsay can be found volunteering to advance sustainability and resiliency initiatives in the Seacoast region of northern New England. In between, she fills her cup with adventure, art, and horticulture.

Sumedha Rao | Paperbark Co-Founder

Alumna, MS Sustainability Science

Sumedha’s interests lie in building partnerships across disciplines and sectors to advance complex problem-solving for sustainability. She believes that solving today’s issues demand the best of every field—be it science, education, policy, or even poetry. She is currently a Sustainability Consultant at Entegrity, a building optimization firm based in Little Rock, AR. Her professional experience spans sustainability consulting, education research and evaluation, planning, policy, and communications. In her personal life, she strives to live “Zero-Waste” and embody the circular economy lifestyle. Sumedha holds a Master of Science in Sustainability Science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, which is where she met the wonderful mentors and friends who helped her co-found Paperbark.

Laurie Simmons | ResLife Sustainability Coordinator, UMass

Alumna, MS Sustainability Science

Currently pursuing an MS in Sustainability Science and teaching for the UMass iCons program, Laurie is an experienced sustainability educator with a passion for sustainable living. In her position as Sustainability Coordinator for Residence Life, she focuses on encouraging sustainable behaviors among college students in residential halls with a long-term vision for sparking and nurturing a culture of sustainability across the entire campus community.  Laurie enjoys serving as a role model for living sustainably and sharing her knowledge and experience with others to help affect positive change.