Editorial Staff


Rachel Berggren | Editor-in-Chief


As Editor-in-Chief, Rachel has the distinct honor of leading an incredibly talented  and dedicated team that she almost never has to put her motivational speaking skills to use. Rachel oversees strategic planning, fundraising, partnership development, and network-building for Paperbark. In other words, she is focused on the big picture and on making Paperbark both highly successful and super-sustainable.


Erin Wnorowski | Managing Editor


Erin has been in healthcare for over 13 years, working at various organizations focused on everything from grassroots advocacy, to strategy consulting, to disruptive health-related technology. In this phase of her career, Erin is pursuing a Master of Science in Sustainability Science with a concentration in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems. Her goal is to work at the intersection of climate change and health, and ultimately create a sustainable and just food system. All of Erin’s money goes to food, travel, and live music. She’s always up for karaoke or an impromptu dance party. Erin is thrilled to bring her passion for connection and community to the Paperbark team as the new Outreach and Engagement Coordinator.


sarena Brown | Creative Director



Allyson Fairweather | Visual Media Coordinator


Allyson is a second-year Masters of Landscape Architecture graduate student and Digital Media TA at UMASS Amherst. She discovered her passion for design during her undergraduate studies in Interior Design and Sustainability. She chose to study Landscape Architecture as an opportunity to expand her prior research from interior to exterior space.  When she is not in the studio, Allyson enjoys rock climbing, watercolor painting, travel, and organizing workshops for the UMASS Sketch Club. She is looking forward to starting her position as Visual Media Coordinator and connecting with the Paperbark community!

Serving as Visual Media Coordinator for Paperbark Literary Magazine, Allyson uses her design background to provide design content for the magazine’s visual identity. She works closely with the Creative Director and Communications Team to execute all visual aspects of the magazine and its promotion.


Caroline B. Heafey | Marketing Director


Caroline Heafey is a PhD student in English at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. She holds a Masters of Arts from New York University in Irish and Irish-American Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in English and French Language and Literature from Fordham University. Her research focuses primarily on 20th century Irish women writers, transnational modernism, and trauma studies. Her MA research specialized in the prison writings of Dorothy Macardle and she is currently editing a critical edition of these fiction and non-fiction works. Heafey is also editing and providing an introduction to a new edition of Macardle’s 1953 novel Dark Enchantment due out from Tramp Press next year. She lives between Brooklyn and western Massachusetts.

As the Marketing Director, Caroline works with the Outreach and Engagement Coordinator as part of the Communications Team to ensure Paperbark's brand and voice are shared with the community. Caroline is the primary steward of Paperbark's website and social media accounts. Please contact Caroline with any questions about Paperbark's marketing.


Tara Dugan | Submissions Editor


Tara is an author who is excited to bring her skills and love of literature to Paperbark as Head Reader. She is currently studying Comparative Literature and English for her BA, where she lives to discover unexpected connections between concepts, cultures, and disciplines. Her work has been featured in The Millions and Rebel Lifestyle Magazine, and she has also interned at commercial and academic publishers such as Pro Se Productions, Dreaming Big Publications, and the University of Massachusetts Press. When she isn't haunting her favorite bookstores in the Pioneer Valley, she's hunting for new music to fuel those rainy day brainstorms (and is always open to suggestions). She looks forward to furthering the multidisciplinary mission of Paperbark

Luke Canavan | Special Projects Coordinator


Luke Canavan was raised in Holliston, Massachusetts, where he spent the majority of his younger years playing baseball and basketball. It wasn’t until high school that he discovered his passion for storytelling. He first started writing screenplays, then quickly branched out to prose and poetry. He is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he studies English, Communications, and Psychology. As Outreach and Engagement Coordinator of Paperbark, Luke oversees distribution and constantly works to find new ways to connect with local businesses and organizations to grow the popularity of the magazine.