About Us

Paperbark is a print and electronic-based literary magazine, published annually, with a focus on the environmental humanities, sustainable living, and the promotion of literary and fine arts.

Published through the University of Massachusetts Amherst, the magazine is a platform for conversations around the currents of contemporary culture through the lens of sustainability, with themes ranging from climate change, policy, and science, to the meaning of place and the value of creative expression.


Paperbark Literary Magazine has been a long time coming. The product of a three-year planning and development effort undertaken by a dedicated group of faculty, staff, graduate students, and alumni of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, the magazine represents an interdisciplinary collaboration between the School of Earth and Sustainability, the College of Humanities and Fine Arts, and the UMass Libraries. Our first issue, Emergence, was published in Fall 2018, and you will find new content on our website regularly. As Paperbark continues to grow and evolve, we strive to engage with the full diversity of our community and build new bridges across traditional divides.


Paperbark Literary Magazine is an expression of the intellectual and artistic currents working to shape collective consciousness about issues of sustainability in the Information Age. Born in New England, Paperbark draws on the unique heritage and culture of the region to support and stimulate creative engagement with progressive ideas. Rooted in themes of stewardship, innovation, and possibility, Paperbark’s existence is motivated by a desire to trace the connections between science, culture, and sustainability. Paperbark lives at the confluence of imagination and critical inquiry, and promoting interdisciplinary thinking and intergenerational collaboration for the betterment of our world. From local action to global perspectives, Paperbark’s mission is to illuminate the environmental and societal impacts of human activity while nurturing our intrinsic collective capacity to catalyze positive change.